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                GSM MODEM
                - G100E-16 (16/32 PORT MODEM )
                - G1000E (4/8 Port Modem)
                - G200 ( Simcom MC35I)
                - G100 (RJ45 MODEM)
                - G100 ( PCI MODEM)
                - G200 (Siemens TC35i)
                - G200 (Siemens TC35i)
                GPRS MODEM
                - G1000E-16(16/32 Port Modem)
                - G1000E(4/8 Port Modem)
                - G1000 ( RJ45 MODEM)
                - G1000 (PCI GPRS MODEM )
                - G1000 (PCI GPRS MODEM)
                - G10000(Siemes MC39i)
                - G10000 (Siemes MC55)
                CDMA MODEM
                - G1000E-16 (16/32 Port MODEM)
                - G1000E (4/8 Port MODEM)
                - G1000 (Wavecom Q24PLUS)
                - G1000(Wavecom Q24PLUS)
                3G/EDGE/WCDMA MODEM
                - GJG800 (3G EVDO MODEM)
                - GJG188A (3G ATWIN AT188 )
                - GJG100A (3G WCDMA THINK WILL )
                - GJG100B (3G WCDMA THINK WILL )
                - GJG100 (3G WCDMA THINK WILL )
                - GJG188B (3G ATWIN AT188 )
                - GJG188 (3G ATWIN AT188 )
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                32 port Serial Server
                32 port Serial Server
                G100E-16 (16/32 PORT MODEM )
                G100E-16 (16/32 PORT MODEM )
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